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I’m a practitioner with decades of experience in both startups and leading international firms. I’m also a mentor in the NSF I-Corps Program, an instructor through NCSU Office of Professional Development where I run a seminar on decision-making, and I wrote the book, Devils in the Details. [click here for my bio]


Whether for individuals or teams, I help create an objective and independent voice that challenges assumptions about problems and opportunities. Working with you and your teams on a specific issue over a short and clearly defined time, I’ll help break through groupthink, gaining new insights and forming alternative approaches. I can also take an active role in the creation of work products [click here for project examples].


Through a mix of lecture and practical exercises, I will bring to life the concepts discussed in my book, Devils in the Details. Training across your entire organization can help everyone embrace the thoughtful and beneficial behaviors of a modern Devil’s Advocate.

Interview provides insight on some key concepts contained the the book.

Trainee Comments

“This course was helpful in learning about different decision-making techniques.”

“Refreshingly challenging.”

“The instructor gave good real-life examples in relation to the course content.”

“Very applicable professionally and personally.”

“The instructor encouraged us to think from the point of view of those who oppose our opinion.”

“Lots of business modeling included — models and tools I can use.”

“Provided beneficial information on the tools that I would use going forward when making everyday decisions.”

Take Action

You can continue to accept the status quo, or to try a different approach that may open new worlds of possibilities to you and your teams. Schedule a conversation now to discuss how we can work together.

“It’s this ability to have creative, transparent, healthy conflict that drives better plans and better sentiment…When everyone on the team has that same positive excitement and hopefulness, and when they know it’s okay to be openly skeptical or critical, and that they don’t have to hide those feelings or risk their standing with their peers or managers by expressing them, the plans and the quality of work both improve.”

Rand Fishkin, co-founder and former CEO of

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, services are conducted via web meetings