The services listed below provide a starting point.  Services are tailored to your specific needs so you receive a comprehensive solution with clear benefits.

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Square-One Assessment
Ideal at the very beginning of a project to help get thoughts onto the table, organize artifacts, and to document your starting point and what goal you need to achieve. 

  • An open-ended discussion to talk-through a problem or opportunity you are facing
  • May be conducted remotely (phone, Skype) or in person
  • Review of any related materials such as sales reports, product documents, competitive brochures, etc
  • Written Assessment Report that includes all notes, observations and proposed next steps

Plans Review
An examination of existing plans; particularly effective with draft plans before moving onto “final” versions and creation of presentations to executives and other stakeholders.

  • Review of plans to assess content, particularly assumptions and supporting evidence
  • Red-line of plans format for improved clarity
  • Written Plans Review Report, including notes, observations and recommendations

Plans/Presentations Creation
When you need plans and presentations created.  

  • A Square-One Assessment to define the big-picture (see above)
  • Identification of specific deliverables needs
  • Creation of specific deliverables such as:

Group Facilitation & Training

  • Get your team on the same page and keep them aligned through independent facilitation of meetings.
  • Provide training on basic skills that are applicable across diverse roles from sales and marketing to engineering and finance (e.g. critical thinking, causal loop diagrams, consent decision-making)

Retained Services

  • Regular or occasional “on-demand” discussion
  • Delivered remotely or in person
  • Hours per month as needed

Contact me now to discuss your challenges.