Devil’s Advocate

The soft skills gap, particularly in critical and systems thinking, is a perennial problem that is widely recognized by educators and business leaders yet continues to evade effective solutions. Unfortunately, this gap can lull companies and their employees into rote routines that contribute to groupthink where teams seek harmonious agreement rather than open, thoughtful, and useful critique. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Modern Devil’s Advocacy offers an objective and independent voice that usefully challenges assumptions and judgments about problems and opportunities. I will serve as your modern Devil’s Advocate to help you consider alternative approaches and gain new insights.

I can also bring to life the concepts discussed in my book, Devils in the Details, with a mix of lectures and practical exercises. Training across your entire organization can help everyone embrace the thoughtful and beneficial behaviors of a modern Devil’s Advocate.

Devils in the Details is a worthwhile addition to the library of anyone who is responsible for crucial decision-making…filled with useful anecdotes, methods, and deep insights.”

Kristan J. Wheaton, Professor of Strategic Futures at the US Army War College and author of “The Warning Solution: Intelligent Analysis in the Age of Information

“Practical ideas for modern day devils advocacy. This is an excellent, well written and thought provoking book. I read this book in just three sittings: it is compelling and logical. Highly recommended.”

Adrian Reed, business analyst author, speaker, and principal of Blackmetric Business Solutions

Trainee Comments

“This course was helpful in learning about different decision-making techniques.”

“Refreshingly challenging.”

“The instructor gave good real-life examples in relation to the course content.”

“Very applicable professionally and personally.”

“The instructor encouraged us to think from the point of view of those who oppose our opinion.”

“Lots of business modeling included — models and tools I can use.”

“Provided beneficial information on the tools that I would use going forward when making everyday decisions.”

The video presentation above was made at the BA&Beyond Brussels Conference and focuses on key concepts from Devils in the Details

The video interview above provides insight on several key concepts discussed in Devils in the Details