Launching and Sustaining New Medical Devices and Services

New product development, launch, and sustainment is a challenge for every business, and often more so in the regulated medical device domain.

Identifying the market need, customers and end users to properly define, develop and produce the right device is just the beginning. Crafting effective messaging to different stakeholders, creating financial justification and ensuring all sales and support personnel are trained and ready to go are all instrumental steps in any successful venture.

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Decision Support Tools that Help You Make Better Choices

Decision Support includes methodologies and processes that leverage information to help you analyze issues and to decide on the best solution. The general steps in decision support include:

  1. identify and analyze the issue
  2. develop and evaluate possible solutions
  3. propose and adopt a decision
  4. implement and evaluate the decision

Several useful tools are available to help during the analysis and solutions development phases, including Causal Loop Diagrams, MS Excel models, and Stock-and-Flow Model simulations.

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Do You Have the Courage to Doubt?

Do you have the courage to question your own understanding of the world, doubting a cherished belief that may not be supported by evidence? Would you be a better leader, team member and citizen if you did? Researcher Brendan Nyhan seems to have this kind of courage.

FacingFactsWordCloud4Nyhan was one of the researchers whose work evolved into the popular backfire effect, a widely reported behavior where once a person forms a belief, then offering objective evidence to the contrary causes the person to dig in their heels and defend the belief even more firmly. Now, Nyhan is considering new research that may refute the backfire effect.

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