Creating Impactful Infographics for Medical Device Marketing

Rapid Oxygen Company is the developer of the unique R15 Portable Emergency Oxygen device which enables the citizen-responder a safe and simple way to offer emergency support until EMS/paramedics arrive on the scene.


Having obtained FDA clearance for their R15 device, Rapid Oxygen sought support materials for their marketing and sales efforts which included:

  1. Awareness & Education. The R15 device had to be explained in simple, non-technical terms to the general public so anyone knew when and how to use the device in the case of a medical emergency.
  2. Cost Effectiveness. Whatever means were taken to support awareness and education had to be cost-effective to reach the greatest number of people in different media from print to digital.
  3. Turnaround Time. RapidOxygen was ramping up sales activities in response to high interest by the market and support solutions needed to be available as soon as possible.


Following the steps below, Ringbolt helped to quickly craft messages for the intended audience and to deliver an infographic in the allotted time and budget.

  1. Interview & Scope. Stakeholders identified the key takeaways desired, the target customer, and the general public who would use the R15 in emergency situations. The overarching goal was to quickly inform the reader when and how to use the R15 when emergency oxygen is needed.
  2. Organization of Materials & Options. RapidOxygen provided Ringbolt with existing materials, including product photography, illustrations, existing sales and marketing materials, and brand guidance. These materials were used by Ringbolt to propose an infographic that would quickly convey the key information and messaging identified in the first step above.
  3. Creation of Infographic Options. Ringbolt used materials provided by RapidOxygen, creating additional graphics as required, and conducted several rapid rounds of reviews with stakeholders. Each iteration further refined the original concept to a final version, incorporating input provided by the C Suite, sales and marketing personnel.


The final infographic succinctly revealed the high number of annual breathing emergencies and their causes, how to identify when a person was experiencing a medical issue for which emergency oxygen should be provided, and how to use the R15 to deliver emergency oxygen until professional medical support arrives on the scene.

Evolution of the R15 Infographic
Evolution of the R15 Infographic

The infographic was exported to various sized images that could be used for web content, email, and an 11 x 17 inch PDF file to create printed posters for display at prominent public sites within customer facilities (e.g.the main lobby, restaurant, locker room).

As Rapid Oxygen expands its R15 sales and marketing activities, additional infographic materials will be created that are tailored to specific audiences, languages, and messaging.

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