The Simplicity of a Tablet?

An advertisement for the 2013 Cadillac XTS with the CUE system has been running nightly for some time now…

Notable is the Cadillac position that a tablet-computer interface on the vehicle dash somehow simplifies operation.  The narrative strongly suggests that a typical car has too many buttons and that the CUE system has less, just like a smartphone or touch tablet.

But anyone who owns a smartphone or tablet knows that these devices have a lot of buttons that don’t always lead to simplicity.  And then there is the whole safety-while-driving issue relative to smartphone use which has been widely discussed — would these concerns apply to CUE-like systems?

So are viewers cognizant of the apparent discrepancy in the advertisement and scratching their heads over the CUE message, or is the intended audience the technology/toys enthusiast who just wants a tablet interface in their car?

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