Reduce the risk of your projects and improve return on your resources by obtaining an objective perspective to your problems and opportunities. Working closely with you and your teams Ringbolt will help clarify your issues and goals, support evidence-based decisions and drive successful outcomes.

He quickly grasped the big picture goals of our organization and was able to turn our goals into a clear and concise message for the marketplace. …[more]

Bob’s design-thinking to deliver creative solutions is quite remarkable and his delivery is timely with our fast-paced business needs…[more]

Reliable and remains calm through last minute changes and challenging situations from leadership and customers…[more]

Bob’s extensive experience in the medical field made him the ideal mentor …[more]

Ringbolt has helped clients with a wide variety of practical assistance as outlined below.

  • Company brand, mission, vision, positioning, executive summary
  • Market research, interviews and surveys, competitive analysis, opportunity sizing
  • Pricing models and calculators
  • Business plan, marketing plans, proforma financials
  • Case studies, white papers, sales and marketing materials
  • PowerPoint presentations for competitions and investor meetings
  • Identification, qualification and engagement of services
  • Website design and content creation (pages, posts, short video)